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  • First, install the downloaded hack. 

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  • Hack can be downloaded absolutely free with no survey, by any visitor to this site.




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This hack was created for you, who are passionate about the game Megapolis, and for those who have tired of being impaled on the internet for fake programs.
We can solve your problem safely and quickly.


Behind our site there is a united team of computer professionals, designers and programmers who create hacks absolutely free for you.

MegaPolis Hack Image
Why is it free?

Because we have sponsors that we allocate a monthly budget for various projects, programs and hacks. We have experience in this area and we guarantee 100% that all the programs on this site works without any problem, since Megapolis Hack.

This hack has two options:

- Megabucks Hack
- Coins Hack
- Update (With this option, you can update the hack, but you must have internet on)

  How to use this hack?

  • Install the hack
  • Start the hack
  • Check and enter the desired amount of Megabucks
  • Check and enter the desired amount of Coins
  • Press the “Sart” button to begin the process of adding
  • The operation is a success, you can check your account

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