Great news!

Good evening all ,
Lately I’ve been busy , that I could not will post new news here , but I’m glad meanwhile increased site statistics and I’d like to enumerate them less :
Our technical team has grown to 42 people , who were able to maintain the site in normal operating parameters . Congratulations to our team !
Number of downloads hacks greatly increased , meaning that more and more people enjoy our products.
Our Facebook page was made more known .
Were put in place for us hacks projects that will be completed soon and will be downloaded for free.
I briefly list the most important things that have evolved between time and can say that we are very happy this data and makes us to realize that we are close and loyal .
I hope to spread it to as many people about this site, visit us and downl...

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Officially, I opened !

Hello dear friends,

I am honored to write the first lines of the existence of this wonderful site.
We write here some changes, updates and all kinds of news to your advantage to be aware of everything that happens in “garden” site.
So far we have 3 hacks available on the site and will follow the fourth.
Any project was feasible with our sponsors who help us every day how, for any project to be brought to an end.
Any eloborat project so far has been successful.
For now we have a nice and simple site where you can find all kinds of hacks and generators absolutely free.
All hacks here are real and created by our staff which includes: designers, computer experts and programmers.
Hacks market activity in 2012, but officially in June 2013 on this site www.FreeAmazingHacks...

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